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Q: Who is the person with the lowest iIQ score?
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Which persons credit score is used when a recently married couple applies for a Mortgage?

the person with the lowest score

Which person has the lowest risk in the eyes of a lender?

The person who has the lowest risk in the eyes of a lender is one with the high credit score. Such a person is considered to have the ability to repay borrowed money without a problem.

In bowling does the highest score win or the lowest?

lowest score wins bowling

What is the lowest score in Ipl?

lowest score is by Rajasthan against Bangalore in year 2009

What is the lowest score you can get in fruit ninja?

The lowest possible score you can get is zero in fruit ninja

What is the lowest you can score on the CRCT?

the score is 650.uah

Eventing Score Rules?

The rider with the lowest score wins. The score is actually your penalty points, so you want the lowest score. In higher level Dressage, you actually want the highest score.

Who score lowest test cricket score in highest balls?

Inzamam ul Haq has scored lowest score in Test with Highest balls. 1 score in 35 balls

What is the lowest Super Mario Brothers score?

The lowest super Mario bros score is 0. I have got it before

What is the highest score to the lowest score in football when?

222 to 0.

What is the lowest score you can have with 8 strikes when bowling tenpin?

150 would be the lowest possible score. XX-XX-XXXX--

Normas test score of 54 was the lowest in the class Sonyas score on the same test was the highest in the class According to the teacher mean score was 82 and the range was 42 What was sonyas score?

Range = Highest - Lowest. Lowest = 54. Range = 42 So Highest = Range + Lowest = 54 + 42 = 96