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Brian Charles Lara.

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Q: Who is the first batsmen to score 500 hundred in a single first class innings?
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What is a century in cricket?

'First class' cricket is usually defined as a match in which both teams have the possibility of having two innings each. Although the term usually refers to domestic competition it does, by definition, include international test cricket. Therefore a 'first class century', is 100 runs scored by a single batsmen in a single innings of first class cricket.

Who was the first batsman to score more than 500 runs in a single first class innings?

Its Brian Charles Lara of West Indies.

How does a innings in test cricket end?

There are typically five ways a cricket innings can end.All out - If a team on strike loses ten of its eleven batsmen (usually due to them being dismissed or "bowled out," but injuries can also stop batsmen), preventing it from presenting a proper batting partnership on the cricket pitch, the team is declared "all out" and its innings is ended.Limited overs - In a one-innings cricket match, there will be a declared limit to the number of overs each team can bowl. Once that limit has been reached, the innings is closed.Won by wickets - If a team is last to bat, their goal is to "chase" runs and overtake the other team's total. Like in baseball, the moment they have overtaken the other team's total, the innings and match is ended, and the chasing team is declared to have won the match by however many wickets they still possess.Declaration - In First Class and Test cricket, time becomes an important consideration. If a team's captain feels that they have established a lead they can fully defend against the other team, he will "declare" his team's innings closed and give his team more time to bowl the other team out and conclude the match.Draw - This is what happens when time runs out in a First Class or Test match. If the end of the final day is reached without the match coming to a conclusion, then the innings and match are ended there and the match is declared a draw, with neither team given a win.

What is the highest amount of runs scored by an individual batsman in a single innings in any format of cricket ie test or first class or school level etc..?

I think it's Brian Lara. He scored 501 runs in a First class match.

Did Bradman ever get five wickets in an Innings?

No. Bradman's best bowling in an innings at Test level was 1/8 and at First Class level it was 3/35.

What is single inheritance in oops?

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Who has scored the most runs in a single First-class innings?

The highest individual first-class score was 501 not out, scored by Brian Lara for Warwickshire against Durham, between June 3 and June 6, 1994. Earlier in the game, Durham batsman John Morris had scored a then club-record 204 for the away side.

What is the highest score of Ganguly in test innings?

The highest score Ganguly intest innings is 239 runs.

What is South Africa's highest 10th wicket partnership in Test cricket?

South Africa's highest tenth-wicket partnership in Test cricket is 103 runs, achieved between Tuppy Owen-Smith and Sandy Bell in July 1929 against England. Owen-Smith finished the innings with a Test innings best of 129 runs. Bell's contribution of 26 runs was his best in all Test matches.

What is a single asset?

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Who has the highest score in first class ODI cricket?

First-class and ODI are different things. First-class is any match at a first-class level with two innings per team. ODI is a 50/50 international match. Therefore this question cannot be answered.

Which Englishman has scored the most hundreds in cricket?

The record for msot centuries in a first-class career is held by Egnland batsman Jack Hobbs, who scored 199 first-class centuries in 1325 innings.