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geelong are currently been on the ladder

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Q: Who is on top of the AFL ladder currently?
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What sporting teams use the same method to work out a ladder like the AFL?

window cleaners

Is Collingwood better than North Melbourne?

Due to the AFL ladder it proves that Collingwood is better

Where the tigers on the ladder for 2009 afl?

Richmond finished15th during the 2009 AFL Season with 22 points, 6 points better than the wooden-spooners, Melbourne.

She is the only goal umpire in the afl?

Chelsea Roffey is currently the only female AFL goal umpire.

What is the very top of a ladder called?

The very top of a ladder is called the "top rung." It is the highest step on the ladder and marks the end of the climbing surface.

Where are Essendon placed on the AFL ladder?

Nice Question!ON Sunday, Essendon beat St Kilda who haven't lost a game all YEAR!!!!! but now they have! Essendon are currently ranked 8th on the ladder. That means that they have a good chance of making it into the finals. Just need to get rid of Port Power and Hawthorn and Essendon can make the finals!

Where is the top rung located on a step ladder?

at the top.

AFL Who has worn the number 10 for st kilda?

Currently Steven Baker.

What does Upane Kaupane mean?

up the ladder up the ladder up to the top

How long must a ladder be to reach the top of a 20' wall if the ladder and the wall form a 32 angle at the top?


Is there a specific type of ladder to use when changing light bulbs?

No, there is not, just be aware if you have lots of exposed wires near the top of the ladder, where you are working, be sure the ladder has rubber feet at the top. Most of the time, no, no there is not.

How do you win a ladder match?

u climb to the top of the ladder grab the breif case and you will win