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Q: Who choose the team to play in the match?
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What team do you play for?

Whichever team you choose (as long as they will have you!)

How one day cricket is played?

it is a 50 over game in which both team plays 50 over . it is of tow type 1:- day match:- in day match both team play match at day time 2:- day night match:- in day night match both team play match at daytime as well as at night in day match rules are similar to test match

How can you enter the Indian cricket team?

we should play in the green and blue team we should play correctely and then we can play the world cup match

How many football players play on the field in a match?

A total of 22 players play at a time in a football match, 11 players in a team.

When you play Best Match on Facebook do you choose someone of the opposite gender?


Which team international play first match ms dhoni?


Does Nepal team play test cricket match?

Nepal will play Test Matches Soon

If you live in 3259 Perch Drive 30008 Marietta Georgia what baseball little league are you supposed to play in?

It doesn't matter what team you can choose to play or you don't have to play.

How do you play with 2 players in gun game black ops?

go to online, connect 2nd controller, press x to show second player, next play core team death match. ( you need to earn c.o.d. credits for the new player so he/ she can wager) after credits are acquired leave lobby. then choose switch lobbies. choose wager match. and... go for it!!!

How do you play as terrorist in counter strike?

choose team terrorist

How do you play as Micheal Jordan on the bulls on nba2k11 for psp?

You have to play an exhibition match. His team should be there by default.

Can a football player play world cup on a different country's team?

A football player can only play for a country where he has citizenship. If he play one official match for a national team he has to play for that particulary team rest of his career.