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Q: Which British movie had two schoolkids getting married?
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When is Robbert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart getting married?

I don't really feel their getting married just the usual rumors before a movie .

Is Alvin and Brittany going to get married in the new movie that they are going to be making in December?

yes they are getting married

What is movie eclipse about?

well jacob finds out that bella and edward are getting married

Eugene O'Neill's daughter Oona married which British silent movie star?

Charles Chaplin

Is Daniel Radcliffe getting married in Harry Potter to bonnie wright?

yes in the movie.

What movie had the groom buy a lemon of a sports car before getting married?

gf try

Extras people in the movie twilight?

THe people that play edward and bella, they are getting married in real life.

What PG-13 movie is about someone who is getting married and has to find their dad?

The movie is Mamma Mia (2008), which is a film adaptation of the theatre musical of the same name.

What is movie Breaking Dawn about?

The movie isn't out yet. The first part comes out December 2010. The book is about Bella and Edward getting married and their little surprise Renesmee coming.

What song does the groom sing at his wedding in the movie Rachel getting married?

When the wedding singer was suppossed to be getting married to linda(earlier in the movie) it was a string quartet version of "dont stop believing" by journey. At the end of the ,ovie when he is marrying Julia It is "True" , by the Spandau Ballet.

Who sang Im getting married in the morning?

Alfred P. Dolittle in the movie "My Fair Lady." The part was played by Stanley Holloway.

Did Aladdin and Jasmine end up getting married?

Yes. in the end of the 3rd movie of Aladdin and his father actually saw the wedding.