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Q: When was malinga is first match?
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Did malinga score a run in yesterday's match against pakistan?

On December 12, 2014 Malinga did score a run in a match against Pakistan.

Who made the hat-trick in icc world cup 2011 match between sri lanka vs Kenya?

Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga took a hat-trick against Kenya in the 14th match of the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Malinga dismissed Mishra, Ongondo and Ngoche with the final ball of his seventh over and the first two balls of his eight over. Malinga finished with the figures of 6/38 from 7.4 overs.

Who took the first wicket in T20 cricket?

Lasith Malinga.

Who are lasih malinga's parents?

Lasith Malinga's parents are Separamadu Milton Malinga and Swarna Thilakaratne.

What is full name of malinga?

We know him as slinga. Slinga is his nick name. Lasith malinga is his full name.

When was Alex Malinga born?

Alex Malinga was born in 1974.

When was Malinga Bandara born?

Malinga Bandara was born in 1979.

What is malinga's Religion?

Most of sri Lankan citizens are Buddhists. Malinga is a sri Lankan citizen. So malinga is also a Buddhist.

What is Lasith Malinga's birthday?

Lasith Malinga was born on August 28, 1983.

When was Thulani Malinga born?

Thulani Malinga was born on 1955-12-11.

When was Lasith Malinga born?

Lasith Malinga was born on August 28, 1983.

What was malingas first game?

Malinga is a fast bowler. He is playing for srilankan team. His first game was against southafrica.