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Q: What was the highest score in bubble breaker?
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In the game bubble breaker what was the highest score in the world?


In the game bubble breakerwhat was the highest score in the world?


How can you get a high score on bubble breaker?

To get a high score in Bubble Breaker, focus on clearing larger clusters of the same-colored bubbles to create space for more strategic moves. Try to plan ahead to create chain reactions and clear as many bubbles as possible with each move. Practice and patience are key to mastering the game and achieving a high score.

Where can one play Bubble Breaker for free?

Kongregate is a great website where you can play games such as Bubble Breaker for free. Google Play also has a free Android application for Bubble Breaker.

What is the highest score ever on bubble wrap for iPod touch?

HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCKER! I Pwn at that app. My highest score is 309. And I didn't cheat I don't even know how. i got 312, 310, 305, 302 , 300

How you can get the phone game bubble breaker on your computer for free?

Go to google and search free bubble breaker downloads on computer and you should get a website that will let you download it onto your computer

What is the highest score for bookworm?

what is the highest score on bookworm

What is the highest fruit ninja arcade score?

My score is 2389. Is there a higher score?

What was the score of the Minnesota and Chicago tie breaker?

Chicago won the tie breaker game for the 2008 AL Central Division championship by the score of 1-0.

What is the highest score on just run?

The highest score on just run is 1,183

What was the highest overall score of the Spurs last year?

The highest score was 0.

What is the highest jetman score ever?

The highest score of the computer game Jetman was 20717. The highest score is always changing, which can be found on the game itself when you play.