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One of the most popular sports in Hong Kong is Horse Racing. The British brought horse racing to Hong Kong during their lease from China.

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Basketball is a quite famous game in Hong Kong.

by: Pratyush

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licking egg rolls

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Q: What sport do the people of Hong Kong like?
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What are Hong Kong's buildings like?

Space is at a premium in Hong Kong. Most people live in small apartments in tall buildings. Hong Kong is famous for its magnificent skyline and tall skyscrapers.

What Is Hong Kong's province?

Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions in the People's Republic of China - the other being Macau. As such, Hong Kong is not "in" any province. Like Macau however, Hong Kong is adjacent to the mainland Chinese province of Guangdong.

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What are the descriptions for the colonial flag of Hong Kong-the flag used when Hong Kong was still British?

like now

What were the effects of colonialism on Macau?

Like Hong Kong, it proseperd. Maybe because of Hong Kong. People from Hong Kong spent a lot of money in Macao. Certainly both colonies were 'saved' from Communism and the horrors of the 'Cultural Revolution'. They advanced ahead of Mainland China considerably.

When did Hong Kong revert to a Chinese island?

Hong Kong was returned to China when Britain's 99 year lease on the territory expired on July 1, 1997.

What Chinese province is Hong Kong in?

Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of China, which are equivalent to provinces in China's administrative structure. Hong Kong is a Dependency which comes under Chinese jurisdiction. The old administrative capital of Hong Kong was Victoria which has now been renamed Central so in reality this is the closest to a capital that the island has.

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Where is Hong Kong Disneyland located?

It is located on Lantau Island which is the most developed outlying Island in Hong Kong. A boat is not required to get there: people, like Locals take the MTR, the subway which is located underground. You can see the exits all around Hong Kong in various areas.Disney Land has their own stop. But keep in mind you will need to change trains.