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Q: What is the highest score on mahjong connect?
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What is the highest score possible for Mahjong Titans?

The highest score possible for the game Mahjong Titans is 1,000 points, However, you can get a maximum of 16 points per hand.

How is Mahjong Connect different than Mahjongg?

There are two main differences between Mahjong Connect and Mahjong. One of them is that the graphics are different and the other is that Mahjong Connect is played with a timed limit and Mahjong is not.

Where can one play Mahjong Connect?

The game Mahjong Connect can be played on a variety of different websites. Some of these websites include Mahjong Connect, Flash Game and Mahjong Dragon.

What game has no score?


Where is it possible to play the game Mahjong Connect 3?

You can play the game Mahjong Connect 3 on the website T45Games. Another website that offers you the ability to play the game Mahjong Connect 3 is MahjongGames.

What is the highest score for bookworm?

what is the highest score on bookworm

What is the highest fruit ninja arcade score?

My score is 2389. Is there a higher score?

What is the highest score on just run?

The highest score on just run is 1,183

What was the highest overall score of the Spurs last year?

The highest score was 0.

What is the highest jetman score ever?

The highest score of the computer game Jetman was 20717. The highest score is always changing, which can be found on the game itself when you play.

Where can someone play free mahjong games online?

You can play free Mahjong Games online at the website - Mahjong. They have many different games to choose from. There is Fairy Triple Mahjong, Mahjong Dimensions and Cafe Mahjong, just to name a few.

What is the highest score in flappy bird?

The highest Flappy Bird high score is 412.