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Q: What is meant by a casual games of beach cricket?
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Is cricket Halal or not Halal?

what a stupid question is that? anyone can play games so its halal Ans(by another) : i am sure they meant the small insect cricket. not the sports.

What is meant by ground fielding in cricket?

it is meant by you

You thought Barack Obama meant little beach?

Yes, Obama is a Little beach!!!

Which is the best cricket academy of south delhi?

well there r 13 free cricket coaching acedemies in New Delhi but cricket is game meant only for the humans and ure a alien so u cant play cricket alien

What is meant by the term casual living?

The term casual living is used to describe an outdoor lifestyle where dining and entertaining is enjoyed. Over half of American who grill outdoors have spent money creating outdoor rooms to entertain.

What is the widest cricket bat?

The full size cricket bats are 4.3 inches wide. Bats are not allowed to be any wider. The smaller sized bats meant for children are thinner and shorter.

In cricket What is meant by popping grease?

Popping crease is a term that was used in the game cricket in the past. Popping crease was when batmen would have to pop their bat into a hole located in the middle of a crease to get a run.

Do light wash jeans fit loser than dark wash jeans?

No it's just dark wash jeans are more formal and light wash are more casual so they might be more lose since they are meant to be more casual

Who is engaged to Laura bingle?

Michael Clarke, Australian cricket vice captain is engaged to LARA Bingle. If that's what you meant :)

Do you need a license to sell at the beach?

if the beach is private and it's meant for a private resort you must get a permission to the owner it's self , but if the beach is open to the public means you must seek permission to the mayor of the place.

What is meant by formal and informal?

Formal means that you need to be dressed up for the interview. Informal means that you can come in casual clothing, I wouldn't suggest jeans.

How does a cricket help?

There isn't any particular purpose to a cricket. However there are ancient folklores surrounding crickets, where they meant impending rain or a financial windfall of some kind.