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eating ice creams will doing weigts

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Q: What is Kevin Rudds favorite sport?
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What is Kevin Rudds favorite food?

William served with pie

What is Kevin Rudds nickname?

Kevin Rudds nickname is RUDDY!!!

What is Kevin Rudds favourite colour?


When is Kevin Rudds birthday?

21 of September derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What is Kevin Rudds occupation?

His occupation is Prime Minister of Australia.

What is Kevin Jonas' favorite sport?

=== === kevins favorite sport is basketball!!!!!!!

Where was Kevin Rudds place of birth?

He was born iin Nambour, Queensland

Kevin Rudds past time?

He was happy being a prime minister

What are Kevin rudds kids names?

Kevin Rudd's kids names are Jessica, Nicholas and Marcus Rudd

What is Kevin Jonas's favorite sport?

Pole Vaulting

Kevin Jonas's favorite sport?

Pole vaulting

What are the names of Kevin Rudd's parents?

the names of kevin rudds parents are Albert Rudd and Margaret née DeVere