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Q: What English sporting event begins today?
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What sporting event that still runs today are the Greeks famous for starting?

The Olympics.

What is the biggest sporting event watched by most people?

Football world cup 2010 has about 715.1 million people who watched the final. It is the world's most widely viewed sports event today.

Anything noteworthy today in history 5th of July?

649 - St Martin I begins his reign as Catholic Pope is noteworthy today in history 5th of July.One noteworthy event today in history, the 5th of July, is the US Secret Service begins its operations under the Treasury Department.

What major sporting event came from the Greek?

Today the most famous one is the Olympic Games. However, there was also the Marathon, and, on a less mainstream level, the Spartathlon (a race from Athens to Sparta.)

What is a noteworthy event that happened today in history for 4th of December?

There is a few things that have happen today the made history. One of the things that have happen was in the year 1923 WEAF radio begins broadcasting Eveready Hour.

What are the ratings and certificates for Play for Today - 1970 Dinner at the Sporting Club 9-4?

Play for Today - 1970 Dinner at the Sporting Club 9-4 is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

I heard on TV today that the Belmont Stakes is the second oldest major competition in the country so what's the oldest?

The Kentucky Derby is America's longest continuously running sporting event, held every year since 1875.

Make a sentence with the word event?

In the event of an emergency, use the stairs and not the elevator.Please write a summary of one current event from today's newspaper.Students often miss classes to attend field trips, programs or other special events.Her favorite event of the summer is the state fair.He enjoys watching baseball, tennis and any other sporting event.That poor family seems to suffer one tragic event after another.She hopes her daughter's baby shower is an extra special event.

When was English Today created?

English Today was created in 1985.

What is 'today's' when translated from English to French?

"Today's" in English is d'aujourd'hui in French.

Why did Bruno Mars write the song Today your life begins?

Bruno mars wrote the song today my life begins to inspire his fans when he first started to write music

Today is the 65th year of what event in history?

Today is the bombing of Pearl Harbor.