What Catches light?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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a prison

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Q: What Catches light?
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What does an insect catch light do?

Catches insects by attracting them with a light.

Which part of a plant cell catches light energy to make food?


Why does a candle catches fire when a source of light is brought near it?

i dont know please help me

What is a dispersal of a dandelion?

Wind. The seeds are very light, and have a fluffy end that catches even a light breeze, and are blown for some distance,

Is magnesium used in light bulbs?

There is no reason to use magnesium in light bulbs. Magnesium readily and easily catches fire and burns -- white hot.

What is the lustre of potash?

Potash has a shiny lustre. It appears as glassy or vitreous with a reflective quality when it catches light.

What is a light catcher?

A sun catcher or light catcher can be defined as is a small, reflective glass or mother of pearl piece that is hung indoors, so that it "catches the light" from Sun catchers are usually hung at windows.

What catches sunlight during photosynthesis?

Photo systems embedded on the thylakoid membranes catches light. photo systems are of two type PSII and PSI. photo systems consists of chlorophyll and accessory pigments. these catch the sunlight for the process of photosynthesis.

What is the function of a chloroplst?

chloroplast is in plant and that catches the light from the sun to make more food which is actually sugar and not like granulated sugar

What is the meaning of texture?

The texture of something is the way its surface feels. It can also mean the way its surface catches and reflects or absorbs light.

What episode does ash catch mudkip?

ash never catches a mudkip he catches a treeco but Brock catches a mudkip

Who took the most catches in Pakistan Cricket?

wasim bari took most catches in Pakistan.He was wicket keeper. took 201 catches followed by kamran akmal with 184 catches