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No. In fact, statistically, it's probably the worst. It has a winning percentage of only 39.42% which is the lowest of all current clubs (except Gold Coast which is in its first year). St Kilda has finished 424 rounds last on the ladder which is almost 200 times more than any other club. It also holds the record of finishing last 33 weeks in a row, which is more than even the now defunct University. It has the 2nd longest streak not at first which was 530 weeks in a row.

St Kilda has spent a complete season last on 3 occasions. Only 4 other clubs have done this, and none more than once.

In the 112 seasons in which St Kilda has competed it has won the premiership only once (0.9% of the time - compared to 14.3% for Essendon, 14% for Carlton and 13.2% for Collingwood, for example).

As of 2011, St Kilda lost 2 of the last 3 grand finals and drew the other.

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Q: Is saint kilda the best Aussie rules team in the world?
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