Is cricket a game or a sport?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It's both.

Cricket is a bat and ball game. But it is also considered a sport, due to being a form of competitive physical activity.

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because all those idiots in like England and those countries have nothing better to do

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Q: Is cricket a game or a sport?
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What is the game of cricket?

a sport

What is the game 'cricket'?

cricket is an awesome sport with batting bowling and fielding

What is the national sport of Mumbai?

the national sport of Mumbai is the game of cricket.

What is Indian national sport game?


What sport is recognised as The International Game?


common sport of the game for cricket?


Is cricket the national game of England?

yes cricket is the national sport of engalnd

What is the sport called cricket?

It is a team game. It is very popular in srilanka.

What are the cups associated with cricket game?

The Ranji Trophy is associated with the sport of cricket.

What is the best sight for cricket games?

Stick Sport is the best site for cricket game

In which country is cricket the national sport?

Australia has no official national game. Cricket is Australia's "unofficial" national game. Although Rugby and Australian Rules football are popularly followed, no football code has achieved national dominance.

What is the national game of Guyana?

The main sport of Guyana is cricket.