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Nineteen: won 4 lost 15.

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Q: How many times have Saskatchewan Roughriders played in the Grey Cup?
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What team played against Montreal Alouettes in 2009?

For the Grey Cup they played against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, which they won.

When did Saskatchewan Roughriders win their second grey cup?


Who did Saskatchewan Roughriders play in 1989 grey cup?

Saskatchewan's opponents in 1989 were the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Who was the Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach when they won their first Grey Cup?

Eagle Keys

In what years have the roughriders won the grey cup?

Saskatchewan has never played Calgary in the Grey Cup. Because of the crossover playoff rule, it is now possible to have a "West vs. West" Grey Cup but it has never happened. Perhaps you are thinking of the Ottawa Rough Riders, who Calgary defeated to earn their first Grey Cup in 1948.

All time roster of Saskatchewan roughriders?

Who was the Backup Full Back for George Reed in the 1966 Grey Cup

Which CFL team won the grey up in 2007?

Montreal Alouettes Um no actually that was the Saskatchewan Roughriders thank you.

Who did Saskatchewan Roughriders play in the 1966 grey cup?

The Sarnia Imperials won their second Grey Cup in 1936, defeating Ottawa.

How many times did the Saskatchewan win the grey cup?

They have played in 19 Grey Cups, winning four of them.

Who won the first grey cup?

In 1995 Baltimore Stallions defeated Calgary Stampeders 37-20. The game was played in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Which teams made it to the 2007 Grey Cup final?

The 95th Grey Cup Game was played in Toronto at the Rogers Centre on November 25, 2007, between the Eastern Conference champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Western Conference champion Saskatchewan Roughriders, with the Jolly Green Giants from Regina (i.e., Saskatchewan) winning by a score of 23-19.

How manytimes the Roughriders have been in the grey cup final?

Four times, most recently in 2010.