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Its not possible to give an exact answer as the ball will slow down through the air and when it bounces, but 65 mph is approximately 32 yards per second, so it will take around 2/3 second to reach the batsman.

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just over half a second

I refer you to the answer on this site by apepper to a similar question regarding a bowler reaching 65mph rather than 90mph;

"Its not possible to give an exact answer as the ball will slow down through the air and when it bounces, but 65 mph is approximately 32 yards per second, so it will take around 2/3 second to reach the batsman."

There are other questions to be considered - Exactly when and where (and how) are you measuring the speed of the ball? Jeff Thompson (Australian fast bowler) was believed/measured to reach 112mph or 180kph in French money, "from out of hand". i.e. the fastest point in its flight.

That second paragraph was not written by apepper but I cannot figure out how to switch off italics even though I seem to have managed it.

Also, if you consider the point at which the ball leaves the bowler's hand, it will be beyond the "popping crease" - this is the white line beyond which a bowler is not allowed to step whilst still holding the ball. Couldn't resist getting Michael Holding in there - another plus 100mph bowler. Because they are leaning forward, a six foot seven bowler (and some are) can reduce the length of the wicket by at least a yard before he even releases the ball. Other factors such as a following wind, a sloping wicket or perhaps an inconsistency in the flatness of the wicket - for example a little "hump" that the ball hits on its downside may affect the speed of the ball before it arrives at its victim.

Whatever you believe it is incontestable that - at top-level - a batsman has less than one-half of one second to "read" that ball, select a stroke, and play it. Yet they do. Someimes they smack it out of the ground. How do they do that? I can't even walk. It reminds me of that "proof" that shows that bees cannot possibly fly.

We will never know who was/is/will be "The Fastest Bowler". Which is probably just as well because you certainly would not enjoy facing any of the candidates.

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Shoaib Akthar of Pakistan has bowled the fastest ball in odi's so far. he bowled around a speed of 161.3 km/hr or 100.2 miles per hour to the England batsman Nick Knight.

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Q: How long does it take a cricket ball to travel from bowler to batsmen?
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When is cricket a crime?

when the batsmen hits a bowler/fielder instead of a ball

Is the speed of cricket ball measured at bowler's end or at batsmen's end?

The speed is measured by radar from the batsman's end as the ball leaves the bowlers hand.

What is a pitch called in Cricket?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

How the bowler should deliver the ball?

the bowler must bowl the ball away from the batsmen's legs but not too far. He can also put a swing on the ball to make it difficult for the batsmen. some of the good bowlers - Ishant Sharma, Ricky Pointing, Sreesanth.....

What is catching in the sport of cricket?

It is where a batsmen hits the ball into the air and without a bounce a fielder catches it meaning the batsmen is out.

How friction harmful in cricket?

Friction in cricket can be harmful as it can cause the ball to deteriorate faster, impacting its performance and making it harder for the bowler to control. Additionally, excessive friction between the ball and the pitch can result in uneven wear and tear on the pitch, affecting the game's balance between bowlers and batsmen.

Cricket What if a bowler had gave a no ball and with it dead ball will it be a no ball or a dead ball?

dead ball.

What is something to do with cricket starting with e?

end - the area from which the bowler delivers the cricket ball

What is handle the ball in cricket?

it means "if the batsmen handles the ball which is hitting to the wkt "

Who do you think is the batsman in cricket?

A batsman is the person who has to hit the ball bowled at him by the bowler.

How to you bowl inswing ball in cricket?

To a right-handed batsmen from right handed bowler: Hold the ball with fingers either side of the seam, with the shiny side on the left. Twist the ball so that the seam is pointing towards an imaginary leg slip. Then once you release the ball try to bring your arm between your right leg and the stumps.

If a bowler bowls a no ball in cricket this no ball will counted to batsman as one ball or not?

no it will not be counted if the player scores a six it will be counted