Will the rock guest host raw?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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The Rock said on the Tenth Anniversary of Smackdown! that he will guest host RAW, probably after Big Ben does.

God I hope so because no one in the history of the WWE was greater on the mike than "The Great One." Except maybe Austin.

Sorry he did not say he would he said maybe he should! Big difference

The Rock Will Guest Host In The Summer i hope I Guest Right After stone cold but maybe they might be thinking about the General manager position, Maybe they'll hire a new GM Named "JimRoss!" But I'm Not Sure

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Q: Will the rock guest host raw?
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When is 'The Rock' guest hosting RAW?

The Rock will be guest hosting RAW sometime during the 2010 summer. He was supposed to host in January but it was postponed.source:wikipedia

Who is going to be the next guest host of raw?

THE PREVIOUS GUEST HOST OF RAW WAS OZZY OZBOURNE AND THE NEXT HOST WILL BE ricky "the hittman" hatton the the week after that will be Dwayne "the rock" Johnson

Who is the guest host for WrestleMania 2011?

Don't you watch Raw.....The Rock

Will The Rock come back in 2010?

It is a possibility, The Rock may return to be a guest host of Monday Night Raw.

Can you apply to become a guest host of monday night raw?

Anybody can be raw guest host

Who are all the guest host of raw for this month?

the rock football players revrend al sharpton

Will LeBron James be a guest host on RAW?

Its a possibility that LeBron James will be a guest host of Monday Night RAW.

Who is the guest host on RAW seventh December?

The guest host for Monday Night RAW on December 7th was, Mark Cuban.

Rock of WWE?

yes the rock did make his return in the wwe on raw to be the guest host of wrestlemania 27 todays rock in the company seems to be john cena

Who is the guest host of raw on June 13 2010?

They didn't have a Raw show on June 13 but on The 14th the guest host was Mark Feuerstein.

Is the rock going to guest host raw?

yes he is he will make kelly kelly get nude and it wont be covrd up (i wish)

Was Flavor Flav Raw's Guest Host Before?

Yes Flavor Flav was Raw's Guest host he guest hosted may 10th 2010. by D-Man/DJ