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Bill Golberg said in an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, he wants one final Wrestling match because he wants his family to see him wrestle live. "If the money was right, I'd go out there and do it in two seconds," Goldberg said. "I'd have to be totally prepared for it, because I wouldn't want to tarnish my image, but I'd like to be in the ring one more time so that my wife and my son can see me wrestle live."

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He is already with the WWE. He was with TNA for a while and returned to the WWE in 2008. He was with the RAW brand for some time, then he was one of the backstage producers for both Raw and Smackdown. Right now he is in the Smackdown brand where his cousin brother Cody Rhodes is in a rivalry with Big Show

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Goldberg hasn't wrestled in over 10 years. He says he quit because he didn't like how they centered wrestling around violence, blood, and sexy women. He says he was raised better than that. Well, two years after Goldberg quit, WWE changed to PG. Now they are not aloud to swear, have sex, or bleed. Everything Goldberg hated is gone now. Triple H sat down with Goldberg a week before wrestlemnia 30 and discussed his return. Goldberg said he would be willing to return, but we don't know when or if he actually will.

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Q: Will goldburg ever go back to wrestling?
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