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I hope so

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Q: Will a lesbian stoyline happen between Kelly Kelly and Tiffany?
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What if you are a guy and you are attracted to a lesbian?

You are attracted to a female who happens to be a lesbian. We like who we like. Sometimes you can know why but sometimes you can't. Her being lesbian has little to do with you liking her. Will anything happen between you two ? Probably not.

What episode in glee does the lesbian happen?


If you like a lesbian what do you do to make her come back?

A lesbian is a lesbian because she is she is just not going to change and become heterosexual. Unfortunately this will not happen and you need to move on and find someone that is compatible on your level.

What are negative things that happen to a kid that as lesbian parents'?

Simply having lesbian parents doesn't cause anything negative to happen to a child. In fact, recent studies show that the children of lesbian parents fair even better than those of opposite-sex parents.

Where does anti gay bullying happen?

Unfortunately, it can happen anywhere. As long as there is a homophobe (the term used to show disliking of gay/lesbian/bisexual) and there is a gay, lesbian, or bisexual person, anti gay bullying is bound to happen. Please help turn these odds around! After all, I'm a lesbian and I know what it's like to be senselessly tormented about this stuff.

Why Do guys like lesbian action?

they love to watch it happen. they find it entertaining.

What should I do if I like this girl but people say she is lesbian and I am a guy?

If you really like her even after hearing that she is a lesbian .Then you must confront that girl surely and try to make her your best friend as nothing more can happen if she is a lesbian.

Can God allow a lesbian relationship to happen if you ask him?

Yes, if God is willing to allow it he will.

What happen on February ninth 1996?

According to wikipedia, nothing!!!! ;)

What does it mean if you're not a lesbian but you happen to like a girl?

it means your either bi or your a lil confused as to what you are.

Should Jordan Lee have scrap with Tiffany?

Hell yeah! I think she should but i dont know what will happen

Where do you go to lezbian training?

I don't think there is such thing as lesbian training. If you happen to like females, then you like female. There should be no training. This just looks like your going to training to be a lesbian just because.