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Whenever archived footage is shown, the old WWF logo is blurred out. This is because the World Wrestling Federation was sued by the World Wildlife Fund, which is also known as the WWF. Part of the settlement was that the World Wrestling Federation had to change their name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

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Because its now know as wwe and wwf is a save the pandas thing and copyrighted [:

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Q: Why is the WWF logo blurred out in old clips?
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Where is the old wwf championship belt?

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You don't understand why wwe has to block out the scratch wwf logo but not the old wwf logo?

Quoth Wikipedia, "In 2000, the World Wildlife Fund (also WWF), an environmental organization now called the World Wide Fund for Nature, sued the World Wrestling Federation. A British court agreed that Titan Sports had violated a 1994 agreement which had limited the permissible use of the WWF initials overseas, particularly in merchandising. On Sunday May 5, 2002, the company quietly changed all references on its website from "WWF" to "WWE", while switching the URL from to The next day, a press release announced the official name change from World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., or WWE, and the change was publicized later that day during a telecast of Monday Night RAW, which emanated from the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut. For a short time, WWE used the slogan "Get The 'F' Out". The company had also been ordered by court to stop using the old WWF Attitude logo on any of its properties and to censor all past references to WWF, as they no longer owned the trademark to the initials WWF in 'specified circumstances'. However, despite litigation, WWE is still permitted use of the original WWF logo, which was used from 1984 through 1997, as well as the "New WWF Generation" logo, which was used from 1994 through 1998. Furthermore, the company may still make use of the full "World Wrestling Federation" and "World Wrestling Federation Entertainment" names without consequence." Titan Sports is what the WWF/E used to be called.

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Why did the wwf change its name to WWE?

Because WWE got sued by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Since WWF of Nature was formed in 1961 and WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation) changed to WWF of Proffesional Wrestling in 1979, the name technically belonged WWF to the World Wildlife Fund.The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) realized this in 2000 and sued the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), forcing them to change their company name in 2002. They chose WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).This is why in some of the WWF DVD's are censored when ever said or showed. The actual name World Wrestling Federation was acceptable. An example of this was in the game, Legends of Wrestlemania. If you have the game, take a close look at the Stone Cold vs. The Rock Storyline movie. All WWF logos are censored out, however the people that are talking refer to it as WWF, since they said that when the clip was filmed. The outcome of the lawsuit said this was acceptable. Also, notice how they named the game WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, instead of the name WWF. All in game logos were W, instead of the attached WF. The announcer would also say "The WWE Champion, Hulk Hogan," for example, even though the game setting was place in the 80's and 90's.On the January 26th, 2009, a special edition of Raw was aired - it was the old theme of "Raw is War", the brand name used in in the late '90s to 2001. They used the old, yellow WWF logo (not the WWF Attitude one), but called it World Wrestling Entertainment. This was also acceptable.Furthermore, the WWE was required to inform the millions of people watching at home as well as the fans at the arena (on the first day the show was aired as "WWE) that a lawsuit had taken place and that the WWF was to be the WWE.For the first year, the show was called "WWE! Get the 'F' Out! Coincidentally, John Cena joined the WWE around this time (2002-2003) and The Rock was leaving.In addition, old video games such as WWF Know Your Role and WWF No Mercy are allowed to keep the WWF Attitude logo without market change or game modifications.The one we have today is just a modification of the WWF logo, and will probably be for a long time.Answer from: BFTdrmucko and Jgcena

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