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they are NOT part of the Chinese tradition, they are part of the JAPANESE tradition, which goes back hundreds of years, just like many other countries have their own traditions that go back for many years.

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sha,sumo,samurai are parts of chinese traditions

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Q: Why is that kimono geisha sumo samurai parts of Chinese traditions?
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What is another name for the geisha gown?

All Geisha wear kimono, sometimes known as a Hikizuri Kimono.

What is a geisha's waistband?

The Obi is what the geisha sash is called.

What is the geisha uniform?

Geisha wear elaborate, beautiful, and expensive silk kimono.

Why do the Japanese use the kimono?

It is a traditional dress. Perhaps in films you have seen Geisha wearing Kimono. It was Geisha who made Kimono such a popular dress at one time. Kimono is beautiful and Japanese culture is built around asethetics.

Why do geisha wear kimono?

A Kimono is the traditional apparel of Japan for both men and women. Geisha wear very beautiful elaborate kimono. It always matches with the time of the year, season, and occasion.

What are geisha dresses?

Geisha dress in very expensive, specially designed, silk Kimono.

What do geisha wear?

To simplify Geisha wear beautiful and elaborate kimono made of expensive silk, an obi, (plus many under-kimono ties and layers), tabi sock, zori or oboko shoes, and hair kanzashi. What a Geisha wears depends very much on the month and event. She has certain kimono and certain kanzashi that she will only wear during designated months or days.

What was a samurai's robe called?

A samurai's robe is called a kimono

1 What is the name of the traditional dress worn by Japanese Geisha?


How do the traditional geishas dress?

Traditional Geisha always wear their hair in a traditional styled updo, or wig. And carefully planned kanzashi (hair accessories) and kimono. Their kimono, obi, and kanzashi will always match the season, and event in which they are to attend. In the link below you can see photos of a traditional Geisha.

Why did the samurai wear the kimono?

Because everybody wore kimono during that time period.

What did the samurai weared?

The clothing a samurai wore outside of battle was known as the kimono.