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Why do you think they have nicknames because they don't like there real names.Another reason is because there nicknames make them look stronger August 25, 2008 It isn't insulting to call wrestlers by their real names, but when out in public they tend to want to keep their Wrestling chacter in tact.

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Q: Why is it insulting to call wrestlers by their real names?
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aj styles real name is alen Jones and alex shelleys is patric

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some wrestlers don't use their real name b/c they want to have privicy with their email and their mail.

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Some wrestlers have kept their real name such as John Cena, Randy Orton,Mark Herny, Matt (Matthew) & Jeff (Jeffery) Hardy and Brian Kendrick.Others have only changed their last name like SCSA (Steve Williams), Cody Rhodes(Cody Runnels), Kofi Kingston ( Kofi Sarkodie- Mensah), Tommy Dreamer ( Tommy Laughlin).Wrestlers who changed their whole name are Undertaker ( Mark Callaway), Edge (Adam Copeland), Kelly Kelly ( Barbara Blank), R-Truth ( Ron Killings), and Rey Mysterio ( Oscar Gutierrez Rubio).

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