Why is icp bad?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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They are not bad, just bad to some people, some people who dont like to hear about murder, drugs, sex, and what really happens here in America

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Q: Why is icp bad?
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Is icp really bad people?

yes because you just asked this question so they are coming for you.!!!!!BEWARE OF ICP!!!!!!! Lol no, Shaggy and Violent Jay are not really bad people. There just people who went through some bad things during there childhood. To learn more about ICP go to the search box above, and type in ICP. Peace_Scene {loves ICP and is a Juggalette}

Where is ICP from?


Is ICP drug free?

some say they are but ONLY ICP is NOT twisted, phsycopathic records or any other ones that are close to icp

What is a Ford icp?

"Ford ICP" stands for "injector control pressure"

Why did emniem leave icp?

He wasn't even involved with ICP. In fact, ICP and Eminem are enemies. They despise each other. Listen to The Marshall Mathers LP, and you'll find out how much Eminem dislikes ICP.

Is icp a gang?

icp is not a gang so yea its a freakin family retard

Is icp a Christian band?

Icp revealed that they were christian all along in the song the unveiling in the album the wraith

ICP is used to describe the amount of pressure inside the skull?

Intracranial Pressure (ICP)

How did icp met twiztid?

ICP met twiztid at one of twiztids show and were inpressed by the crowd screaming their name then after squashing the beef that icp had with them they were signed under their lebal

Why doesn't Walmart have ICP CDs?

ICP music is somewhat vulgar and ICP was kicked out of a WalMart in West Virginia for a Jugga Party so they refuse to be sold in WalMart

What to wear to an icp show?

If you are attending a ICP show, personally, i would have my my ICP shirt, and painted face, and a bunch of faygo, that's should be all you need!-MMFWCL

Is icp emo?