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Q: Why is Anna Beth upset with Percy for risking his life?
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Who plays Anna Beth in Percy Jackson?

Alexandra Daddario

What happened to that family that was in the arch with Percy?

They were saved by grover and Anna Beth

What happen to the family that was in the arch with percy?

They were saved by grover and Anna Beth

What happened to the family that was in the arch with Percy lightning thief?

The Parimedic said the rest of the family was fine, but they thought the woman was crazy and put her on a streacher and gave her medication.

What book has the main character of Pip?

Anna J. Beth

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Who are the seven demigods other than Piper Jason and Leo in the next Great Prophecy?

The seven are Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, Hazel, and Reyna. (Anna Beth is NOT one of the seven.)

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Anna Friel was in Brookside she played Beth Jordache. Natalie Imbruglia was Beth in Neighbours

What are all the demigods' names and powers?

Remember we are talking Percy Jackson here. In the original myths there are other names. Percy Jackson annabeth chase thalia grace luke casttellan classrise la' rue Charles becendorf biianca di'angelo nico di'angelo Ethan nakumura travis stoll connor stoll daedulous silena beauregard

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Who won the HOYS mounted games 2009?

The Percy Hunt from Northumberland won the HOYS Mounted Games 2009 Well done Percy!!!! Beth Taylor, South North Games Team 09 =D xxx

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