Why is Ali so important?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Why is Ali so important?
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Important facts about Muhammad Ali?


Who killed Alison in the Pretty Little Liars movie?

So , What happened was Ali has a twin sister named Courtney that nobody knew about , and she always like to impersonate Ali . Courtney was mental so her parents tried to send her to a mental hospital , But instead they sent Ali . So , Ali came back seeking revenge and killed Courtney , So it really isn't Ali That's dead ! SO ....i guess you could say Ali killed "Ali"!

Who is important in Iran?

The supreme leader (Sayyed Ali Khamenei) The President (Mahmud Ahmadinejad) The head of Parliament (Ali Larijani)

Is Mona or Ali A?

first it was Mona than she get killed so Ali is A now

What has the author SO Ali written?

S.O Ali has written: 'Changing hearts'

Made in Italy bracelet stamped 417 ALI?

It is important to understand the markings on Jewelry. 471 ALI means that the gold is equivalent to 10 karats and ALI is the creators mark.

Who murdered Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

Her twin sister was actually "Ali" so Ali actually killed Courtney.

Why did Ali Dilaurentis become A?

alis twin sister died not ali so ail is a

Does Jason know Ali has a twin?

Dont think so because Ali's twin is 'A'

Where was Ali hiding all the time while Mona was being A?

ali had a twin named courtney who was the real best friend of the four courtney was the one murdered.this happened because alps mom mistakes ali as courtney and courtney as ali and courtney is mental so they sent ali to the preserve as courtney without knowing ti was the real ali so ali was hiding at the preserve.

Who were some important people from the 70s?

Richard Nixon and Muhammad Ali

Why was sunni ali so important?

because the caliph were muhammads successors when muhammad died there was turmoil between who had the right to succeed him this started the sunni and shia split