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because he's a ghost

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Q: Why doesnt the undertaker talk that much?
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What does the metaphor you are a wall mean?

someone who doesnt react, reply or talk as much as most people, maybe someone lazy and doesnt do much, if you try talking to someone who doesnt talk much, it is like trying to talk to a wall

Does the undertaker have a Facebook?

No he doesnt because he doesnt want to share his personal things but he can awsner questions from his fan by the undertaker page in facebook

Where does the undertaker live in huston?

the undertaker doesnt live in houstan,he lives in bastrop,texas.

Can you talk to undertaker?


Why doesnt The Undertaker fight that much?

The Undertaker has recently had a much lighter wrestling schedule due to his recurring knee problems.He would injure himself permanently if he was too take up a more active role within the WWE.

He wants to meet but doesnt talk much?

Make him talk by flirting, ask him lots of question.

Did undertaker comeback from the dead?

He doesnt it's just his theme

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How can school work effect your social life?

it doesnt if you dont talk that much or only talk at home!

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Curiousity of not seeing you make her not to talk much...

Can undertaker talk?

yes its just his gimmick and he does talk every so often

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