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Q: Why does your knee hurt after waking up after wrestling practice?
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Hurt knee wrestling hurt for one day a month ago now it is swollen with no pain?

Likely fluid inside. See a doctor they could and probably would drain it.

When Niall Horan hurt his knee when he was younger did he have surgery then?

He didn't hurt his knee when he was young, he hurt his knee a few months ago. And he does have to get surgery for it. But for right now he wears a knee brace.

What are the three forms of hurt with example?

present, hurt: They always hurt me. past, hurt: I hurt my knee yesterday. past participle, hurt: She has hurt her knee badly.

Did he really hurt his knee on Hawaii 50?

no. in real life Scott caan hurt his knee surfing.

Does it hurt when you tear your ACL?

Your Patellea (that would be your knee!) behind the knee? inside the knee?

What is a knee and chine pads?

A knee pad and chin pads are football gear to protect you from getting hurt. If someone kicks you, for instance, the knee pad will block it and you will not get hurt.

Do volleyball knee pads have more cushion than softball knee pads?

yeahh, they have alot more padding that softball knee pads. volleyball players have to be protected while their diving onto their knees and such. softball players (mostly only the younger ones wear knee pads) dont need as much padding on their knees because although they dive and slide, it is usually not onto their knees. gym floors are also alot harder and hurt worse than the ground (i know from experience! lol)

You landed on your feet and hurt your knee What is wrong?

I know when I did that, I twisted the ligaments in my knee.

Can you jump robe with a bad knee?

Yes, but your knee will hurt, and it might get worse.

Is the sentence peter hurt his knee when he fell last week correct?

"Peter hurt his knee when he fell last week" is correct.

Make a simple sentence using the word hurt?

The fall hurt her knee.

Is under taker dead?

No. He is Alive. He Is just not Wrestling Because of his Knee Injury.