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Because the greenhouse effect makes earth hotter and that's liquid .

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Q: Why does a frozen juice bar melt before you finish eating it?
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Why do you not like frozen milk?

It is hard and impossible to drink. However, if you melt frozen strawberrys and refreeze the juice, it makes a great Popsicle if you add sugar to the berries before getting the juice frozen. Sprinkle sugar into juice before freezing it. Great Popsicle recipe! Again, we don't like frozen milk because it is hard.

Why is lemon juice or orange juice used to treat acidosis?

Lemon juice or orange juice contains citric acid, which can help neutralize excess acid in the body and promote a more alkaline environment, helping to restore the body's pH balance. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using these juices as a treatment for acidosis.

What is the shelf life of frozen juice?

shelf life of frozen promanangate

Does juice expands when frozen?

Yes, it does.

Can clamato juice be frozen?

No its a vegetable

How long is fresh frozen apple juice good for a baby?

you should only keep the frozen apple juice frozen for about...... 2 weeks and no later because this causes the apple citrus to freeze up and pollut the juice therfore causing the baby to have diara! sooo dont keep apple juice frozen for 2 weeks!

Is Frozen Orange Juice Healthier Than Orange Juice?

basically they both are same as it is Orange Juice in different forms but frozen orange is better because fresh orange juice gets spoilt fast

How you can speed up the dissolving process when preparing juice from frozen concentrate?

To speed up the dissolving process when preparing juice from frozen concentrate, you can try stirring the concentrate with warm water instead of cold water. Warm water helps to melt the frozen concentrate faster, allowing it to mix more easily. Another option is to let the frozen concentrate sit at room temperature for a few minutes before mixing it with water.

What is an otterpop made of?

It is made of frozen juice.

Is a can of frozen juice a concentrated or dilute solution?

Concentrated solution because it is a strong solution. It has a large amount of solute which fits the definition of concentrated solution.

Why did my frozen soda and frozen orange juice melt before frozen water?

The melting point of the ingredients in your drinks have different values, water tends to be the last part of a drink or drinks to melt. For example Orange juice will start to melt before pure water, because it has started to melt first it has the abilty to take in more heat over a lesser surface area and the liquid will help it to melt faster as well.

Can you put frozen fruit in a pie before baking it?

No, frozen fruit needs to be thawed completely and drained before adding to a pie. Putting frozen fruit directly into a pie would alter the baking time drastically, and the juice from the defrosting fruit would make the pie filling very runny.