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wrestlers do not blade themselves because Wrestling isn't fake. the stunts that they do can hurt anyone, that's why they say not to try the moves at home because you can get hurt or seriously injured. because wrestling is very real. trust me.

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Q: Why do wrestlers blade themselvs if wrestling is fake?
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Does wrestling is fake?

Wrestling is fake. It is performed by trained professionals. Every move, every sound, every fight is acted out or faked by Wrestlers!!!!

Why is wresiling fake?

First it is "wrestling." It is fake because the wrestlers pretend to hit their opponents. It is just like acting, where an actor pretends to slap another.

Is half of wrestling fake?

Yes pro wrestling is fake. How do I know well Im a pro wrestler myself. Been to wrestling school and everything. Here are the reasons how.Punches are 'pulled' wrestlers (if not stiff) make little to no impactSlams are as safe as they can beThere is an inch of padding under the canvasEveryone is trained to know what to do

Is the WWE fake wrestling?

Yes. All the moves are planned pre-match and its all safety checked so the 'wrestlers' dont get injured.

Do police really arrest wrestlers in shows?

If a wrestler gets arrested on TV during a wrestling program most likely it's fake.

Is WWE fake or real?

WWE is considered sports "entertainment" or professional Wrestling. The company includes scripted storylines, segments and pre-determined matches. The wrestling is for the most part fake, but they make it look real as much as possible. However that doesn't mean the wrestlers don't get hurt, injured or bloodied by mistake.

How can Pro Wrestling Illustrated give awards to wrestlers if wrestling is fake?

Not all wrestling is fake the only time it may be fake would be the rivalries at occasional times because Smackdown's U.S champion-M.V.P has a move dedicated to Chris Benoit when they fought week after week month after month. Sometimes the punches are fake (fake as opposed to not as strong as they could be) when they blow to the face because closed fists are supposedly considered illegal blows if not outside of the ring or if wrestlers are saving or out of energy. However, the slams,619s, Chokeslams, Sweet Chin's, and Stunners are real even when wrestlers look as if they are overselling. The awards are based more on work ethic and fanbase. man i am sick of these haters... wrestling is real nuff said if they land special ways it doesn't mean it's fake it is simply coreagraphed got it... good...

Howcome WWE is fake?

the reason for it being fake is so the Talent, that's the wrestlers, dnt get hurt, and its all fr entertainment, I myself am ging to open my own wrestling business, in FL :)

What collages have girls wrestling?

wrestling is fake wwe and all wrestling it is all fake.

Is wreseling fake?

The wrestlers frequenly ham up their bouts for the sake of entertainment,and they tend to drawa fine line between acting performance and serious wrestling. However the actual wrestling and win/loss results of their bouts are real.

Do the WWE wrestlers really bleed?

if you acutely need to look at this you must be stupid because wrestling is fake so its fake blood May 2010 no that must be you because WWe doesn't use fake blood! Never has never will it is real and if you think the moves they do is fake then you have never been in a match.

Is tna wrestling fake?

all wrestling is fake now a days