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To be the target man for Luis Suarez, most likely

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Q: Why did joe Louis sign for Liverpool?
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Do Liverpool want to sign joe cole?

Yes they are intrested i signing Joe Cole.

What boxer signed for Liverpool fc as a publicity stunt?

It was Joe Louis

How much did Liverpool to sign joe cole?

free transfer on 4 year contract

When was St. Louis to Liverpool created?

St. Louis to Liverpool was created in 1964-11.

Who is mayor of Liverpool?

Right now the mayor of Liverpool is Joe Anderson.

Which side does joe cole play?

joe cole plays for Liverpool and England

Did Liverpool Fc sign Franck Ribery?

yes he will be going to Liverpool in februrary

Will Liverpool sign ronaldo?


What nicknames does Joe Warshaw go by?

Joe Warshaw goes by Joe Poe, J. Louis, and Joe Louis.

When was Joe Speare born?

Joe Speare was born in Liverpool, in Merseyside, England, UK.

Is joe cole a arsenal player?

no he plays for liverpool

Which Belgian striker did Liverpool sign this year 2011?

Liverpool did not sign any Belgian strikers in 2011, but they did sign forwards Luis Suarez, Andrew Carroll, and Craig Bellamy.