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Q: Why did braddock get a second chance at boxing?
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Who was World heavywieght boxing champion in 1937?

Joe Louis beat champion James Braddock in June 1937 for the title.

Who were the first people to drive over the verrazano bridge?

I know that boxing legend Jim Braddock built and if i am not mistaken i am pretty sure that he was the first to drive across.

Why did boxing become popular in the 1920s?

Boxing was important during the Great Depression because it gave the people something to have a passion about, it gave them something to believe in. One of the most famous boxers during the Great Depression was James J. Braddock. He started off at the top and then got hit really hard by the depression(excuse the pun). He made a come back and during his comeback gave the citizens something to believe in. Boxing was an inspiring event and got a lot of people through the Depression. I would highly recommend watching Cinderella Man. It is the story of James J. Braddock. (Warning: You may find yourself boxing as Braddock against his opponent in the end) :)

What is a boxing assistant called?


Which british general died during an attack on fort duquense?

Edward Braddock.

Where is the Braddock Carnegie Library in Braddock located?

The address of the Braddock Carnegie Library is: 419 Library Street, Braddock, 15104 1609

What was Muhammad Ali's second favourite sport?


Where was Braddock Expedition located?

Braddock Pa

What is the birth name of Jimmy Braddock?

Jimmy Braddock's birth name is James Joseph Braddock.

What is the birth name of Reb Braddock?

Reb Braddock's birth name is Ronald Elliot Braddock.

How and when did Mae braddock die James braddock the boxers wife?

Mae Braddock died in 1985....its on a faq page of Jim j braddock

What is the second most played sport in Cuba?

Second played sport may be boxing.