Why did Steve Demasco leave USSD United Studios?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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because he's an idiot. united studio and shoalin studios are the same all he cares about is the money hell make off of owning his own name.

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Q: Why did Steve Demasco leave USSD United Studios?
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Why did Steve Demasco Leave ussd?

Master Demasco is one of the best martial artists in the world but he is also a terrible manager. I was part of the USSD East system for five years rising to 2nd degree Black (given by him) before leaving the system just after he left - after going bankrupt. Never heard rumors about being sued my Master Mattera but he did change the Kempo system to his "thoughts" on fighting and we all believed made it better. But it was different from the USSD West kempo's and kata. To this day my instructors say "NO ONE" hits harder than Master D. I suspect he left this time, as someone said, to make money and work directly with the Shaolin Temple abbot who is a very astute business man. Not surprisingly Steve Demasco left Ussd. He would make more money on his own then with Charles Mattera's Ussd. This would not be the first time he left the USSD. He left back in the early nineties when he first broke off from Fred villari. then came back. Rumor was he was sued by Charles Mattera and was forced to come back. don't know if there is any truth to that though. but i was still an instructor back then, and this rumor was being circulated "in house". He now can add real shaolin forms to the system. Heard same rumor, great martial artist! Took a martial arts clinic with Grandmaster demasco in 2000. Moved real well for his age. I liked how explained the movements and application of the forms. Heres My 2 cents, far better martial artist then mattea and moved way better. Trained with demasco as well great martial artist! and if I was on the east coast I would work for him not ussd.

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