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Scott Hall was fired because of his backstage antics and Kevin Nash got an injury. Nash came back to fight Triple H and got his hair cut by Chris Jerico. Nash and Hall are currently Wrestling in TNA. They are both heels and teamed up with Jeff Jerret to fight Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Randy Savage. Also, Hall has gained about 80 pounds so he looks a lot different then he did in the WWE

It was Vince's plan to bring the nWo to the WWE just for a short period in order to release the nWo DVD. He used them and then he dismantled them. In fact he hated the nWo angle because it was the main reason WCW beat WWE on the ratings.

Kevin Nash left the WWE to film the movie Punisher and Scott Hall was fired because of his drinking habits. They are currently wrestling in the NWA TNA, which is an excellent wrestling organization. The WWE recently offered Kevin Nash a contract but he declined. Scott Hall on the other hand will never be back because he's an over the hill alcoholic.

Scott Hall was fired for starting a fight on board the WWE's private jet on the way back from a UK show. Kevin Nash was fired because of how prone to injury he way. McMahon planned on using the nWo angle however he dismantled the original nWo because the fans wouldn't let Hollywood Hogan be a bad guy. That is why the original trio was broken up and HBK, Big Show, and XPac were later added.

Three letters: TNA!!! They treat wrestlers better, and they actually wrestle on TNA (they can have 6 matches in 1 hour, but WWE only has 4 matches in 2 hours).

Scott Hall was released from WWE because of his drinking problems, apparentley he turned up for shows and PPV's drunk, but Scott hall denies he was, and plus the shows proved that he wasn't as he was wretling perfectly fine. Kevin Nash was released because he wanted to be in films. The nWo split up because the stoylines kept going wrong. First with Hall being released and Nash on the injured list at that time. Then when Nash returned, he was back on the injured list straight away having torn his quadriceps within just a few seconds of his ring return. Also X-PAC got put on the injured list that night as he fainted at an airport on his way home, and was later released. Vince came out and announced that this was the nWo era, which was sad to see as the nWo could have gone quite far in the WWE, maybe even takng over raw, who knows. I doubt either of them will be back as they have both had their chances in the WWE, but I think it would b great if the nWo came back for just one last time and made a great impact.

They're in TNA. Kevin Nash is getting an NWA world title shot at Bound for Glory.

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Q: Why did Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leave the WWE soon after they rejoined in 2002 as nWo and is there a chance of a come-back?
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