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Owen Hart was wearing a harness before his death because he died from falling around 70 ft. into the ring. It was part of a stunt he was doing for his gimmick, The Blue Blazer. He was intended to descend from the ceiling in a superhero-like fashion, then trip once he landed in the ring. Unfortunately, the stunt malfunctioned and the harness came loose, and he fell into the ring, landing on the ropes, and died. The harness was to prevent something like this from happened, although clearly it didn't work out very well.

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well Owen hart died after falling of something quite high and landed neck first in the ring.luckily not into the floor .

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Q: Why did Owen hart show how he died?
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What show was it that Owen Hart died?

Over the Edge.

How old was Owen Hart at death?

Owen Hart died on May 23, 1999 at the age of 34.

Is Owen Hart a ghost now?

Owen is now with God and HAUNTING the stadium he died in. He was a good person and he will always rest in peace.I LOVE YOU OWEN HART!!!

When did Owen Hart die?

The Late Great Owen Hart was born on May 7, 1965. If he were alive, he would be 48 years old as of now. Unfortunately Owen Hart met with a fatal accident at the Over The Edge pay per view 1999. He died when he was 34 years old.

What is the birth name of Owen Hart?

Owen Hart's birth name is Hart, Owen James.

What happened at over the edge 1999?

Owen hart died

Is Owen hart realy dead?

Unfortunatly Owen hart is dead. Owen hart died in a PPV in the WWE on the 23rd of may 1999 when a stunt went wrong when he wsa being lowered into the ring. wen was a trememdous human being and he was taken from us way to soon. R.I.P Owen hart Gone but Not Forgotton.

How many wrestlers have died in WWE?

In the ring only Owen Hart

How much did Owen Hart weigh before he died?


Does Owen Hart have kids?

Yes, Owen Hart had two kids.

When did Owen Hart debut?

Owen Hart debuted in wrestling in 1983.

On the night Owen Hart died who was his match against?

Owen Hart had been booked in an Intercontinental Championship match against The Godfather at the Over The Edge pay per view event.