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If you are having any type of pain in your knuckles, fingers, hand or wrist hitting the heavy bag you may not be wearing the proper size glove or one with adequate padding around the knuckles. You may be using bad form. Impact should be distributed evenly across all knuckles. Lastly, your hands and wrists have not been conditioned enough to hit the bag as hard as you are hitting it. You cannot start hitting the heavy bag with full force if you have not properly strengthened your fingers, hands and wrists first. Do open and close grip resistance exercises, wrist curls and weight roll ups on a rope connected to a wood handle for a month or more before hitting the bag full force. Slowly increase intensity of your workouts over time in both frequency and how hard you hit the bag. Also, you can use wrist wraps.

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Q: Why Knuckles hurt when hitting heavy bag its a burning sensation?
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