Who won the first TLC match?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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John Cena Vs Sheamus: Sheamus (New WWE Champion)

TLC MATCH DX Vs Jeri-show: DX (New Unified Tag team Champions)

Undertaker Vs Batista: Undertaker (Retains World Heavyweight Champion)

Christian Vs Shelton Benjamin: Christian (Retains ECW Championship)

John Morrison Vs Drew McIntyre: Drew McIntyre (New Intercontinental Champion)

Mickie James Vs Michelle McCool: Michelle McCool ( Retains Women's Championship)

Kofi Kingston Vs Randy Orton: Randy Orton

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The match for the WWE Title at TLC 2011 pay per view was a triple threat match between the champ CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. The match was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match and it lasted close to 20 minutes. In the end, CM Punk was able to successfully defend his title and left the pay per view as the WWE champion.

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The Miz retained it by beating Randy Orton in a Tables Match

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Q: Who won the first TLC match?
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Who wrestled at the first WWE TLC match for the number1 championship?

John Cena won the WWE Championship at TLC against Shemaus.

Who won the TLC match at one night stand?

Sadly Edge

Who won the WWE championship at WWE TLC 2010?

The winner for the match was The Miz.

Who won the TLC match between cm punk and ryback?

Cm Punk because the shield interferes

Who is the fatstest newcomer to win the WWE championship?

its sheamus. he won the title at TLC 2009 from johncena in a tables match.

Did edge defeat Kane?

yes he won in a TLC match against Rey mysterio and alberto del Rio

Who win at TLC match between john cena and wade berett?

John Cena won the match because he droped 23 chairs on to Wade Barrett

What is the third heavyweight championship that john cena won?

WWE championship against Edge Unforgiven 2006 in a TLC Match

Who won today's IPL's first match?

first betaingwon the match

Who won at TLC between john cena and wade barrat?

john cena won at the TLC ppv.

How do you get a TLC match on WWE 2008?

i have no clue

Who won the match between john cena and wade Barret at TLC chairs match?

John cena defeated Wade Barret at the TLC pay per view. He defeated him in a grueling match and in the end, put him through a table and had more than 20 chairs fall on the table sealing Barret below the table.