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NOTE: The above question is wrong as the winner of the match, Vince McMahon, had entered the ring second not third.


World Wrestling Federation held their 1999 Royal Rumble pay per view On January 24, 1999 at the Arrowhead Pond (an indoor arena now known as the Honda Center) in Anaheim California. There were 14,800 fans in attendance.

The main event "Royal Rumble" match was won by Vince McMahon when he eliminated Steve Austin. The participants in this match are listed below. They are in the order they entered the ring.

* Steve Austin * Vince McMahon * Golga * Droz * Edge * Gillberg * Steve Blackman * Dan Severn * Tiger Ali Singh * Blue Meanie * Mabel * The Road Dogg * Gangrel * Kurrgan * Al Snow * Goldust * Godfather * Kane * Ken Shamrock * Billy Gunn * Test * Big Boss * Triple H * Val Venis * X-Pac * Mark Henry * Jeff Jarrett * D'Lo Brown * Owen Hart * Chyna

The other outcomes were The Big Bossman defeated The Road Dogg, Kan Shamrock defeated Billy Gunn, X-Pac defeated Gangrel, Sable defeated Luna Vachon and The Rock defeated Mankind.

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who was entrant number 27

and last defeated Randy savage to win

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Q: Who won the 1999 royal rumble having entered third?
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Christopher Nowinski entered the 2003 Royal Rumble as the third entrant. He was the second man eliminated (by Rey Mysterio) lasting only 5:50.

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Hulk Hogan

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I won’t let myself answer with anyone but Kane. Yes, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit won from the number one spot, and sure, Rey Mysterio spent over an hour in the match before winning it—but Kane, man, he was and is a force. He’s eliminated the most competitors in a Royal Rumble career, with 42. For years, he held the record for most competitors eliminated in a single Rumble, with 11—that’s over a third of the people in the match, all eliminated by one man. Roman Reigns holds that record now, but not a candle to Kane.The only wrestler that makes me consider wavering from Kane is Steve Austin. He’s won three, which is the most of all time, and won two consecutively. He’s fourth all time in total eliminations, and holds the third and fourth spot for eliminations in a single Rumble. But Austin did this in a relatively short Rumble career, with six; Kane, on the other hand, has appeared in 19, by far the grandest total. Austin was a star that shone bright and died fast, but Kane has been an ever-burning fire since he first entered the Rumble in 1999.

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