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It's a tricky proposition listing the national champions

of any nation as there are usually boxing factions who may disagree on just who the

champion may be,but try these.

Heavyweight:Raymond Olubowale Cruiserweight:Frank White

Light Heavyweight:Jason Naugler Super Middleweight:Adonis Stevenson

Middleweight:Sebastian Demers Light Middleweight:Gareth Sutherland

Welterweight:Victor Puiu Light Welterweight:Manolis Plaitis

Lightweight:Benoit Gaudet. This fighter won the NABF Super Featherweight title

last year so it would be safe to assume the Canadian Lightweight title Tobe vacant.

Featherweight:The last Canadian feather champ listed is Olivier Lontchi and like

Gaudet he also won an NABF title in the Super Bantam division so this title may also

be vacant.In Divisions not listed the titles are vacant.

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Thomas Brew was the undisputed Light Weight Boxing Champion of Canada from 1922 to 1926 under the name of Tommy Williams.

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Q: Who were the Canadian Boxing Champions of the 1920s?
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