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Dexter Dunworth, 52 was officially the Oldest Active Boxer in 2008.

Steve Ward, UK, D.O.B 12.08.1956 (aged 54) was verified by the Guinness Book of Records that on the 19th March 2011 after defending his title is the Oldest Active Boxer in the World.

Ward had a comeback after a 23 year retirement and is now the EBF Cruiserweight Title holder.

He fights again to defend his title on the 11th June 2011.

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I believe that honor goes to Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, although I could be wrong. Boxing has seen plenty of "old folks;" "Jersey" Joe Walcot captured the heavyweight crown when he was 38, relying largely on experience and craftiness. They called him "Jersey Joe" because he was extremely tricky in the ring, he is considered by some boxing fans to be the best feinter in heavyweight history. However Walcot had been boxing for a very long time, and like most pros he started early.

Hopkins did not actually turn professional until I believe his mid 30's, which is pretty old to start ANYTHING, actually. If you are just getting started, its very old, ancient in fact. Most people in their mid 30's, by their mid 30's have some sort of experience doing something, some sort of skill. So, how was Hopkins able to get away with it? See, prior to turning professional as a kid, he was involved with gangs AND, he boxed golden gloves. When he was eventually thrown into prison, his criminal activity having caught with him, WHILE in prison he was involved in the prison boxing program.

Although boxing has existed in America's prisons almost since this country HAD prisons, there was no official organized program until the 1990's. Wardens and correctional officers have encouraged it, saying that anger issues is the reason a lot of those men commit crimes, the more human, mature, and "honest cop" correctional officers argue that boxing will help them get that anger out of their system. Well, whatever the case, although Hopkins had very little professional experience, he had plenty of fights under his belt while in prison, in fact I think he was one of the longest reigning champs at the penintentiary he was incarcerated in.

There are many who argue, that prison boxing is on a higher level than standard professional; its not like those guys are going anywhere, so, they have all day to train. Fights are frequent, and many of the people you fight have a "street thug" background, that is in addition to having polished technique, they have the proverbial "fighter's instinct." They play on this a lot in the movie "Undisputed;" throughout the movie, Wesley Snipes character is portrayed as being the better boxer because "prison is a tougher environment." The movie "Undisputed" was born out of a rumor that while in Prison, Tyson got his rear handed to him by someone about Wesley Snipe's size.

As to whether or not Tyson was butt raped in prison, not likely; Tyson is friends with Don King, and Don King is connected. If ANY group of men even THOUGHT about it, you don't want to know what that turd Don King would do to them for harming his precious cash cow. Ving Rhame's portrayal of "Tyson" was accurate; for all intents and purposes, in real life Mike Tyson would have been untouchable in there. Because of his celebrity status, and Don King protecting him. Of course there is that, and the intimidation factor; even hardened criminals are scared of Tyson.

The point I am trying to make is, that Hopkins was able to convince whatever boxing comission that he could step into the ring without getting killed, because everyone knows how rough and violent America's prisons are. Perhaps not the worst prisons in the world, but bad enough that you do not want to get thrown in there, especially a maximum security one where they send the most dangerous criminals. Snipe's character Monro was in there for mauling a man to death with his fists, his ex wife's lover I think. Rhame's character who was based on Tyson was in for rape.

In my opinion, "Undisputed" is the second best boxing film ever made. You want to know what a "bad blood" fight looks like, watch "Undisputed." Most men will never be in a fight where you hate the other guy, and the other guy hates you, BITTERLY, a "bad blood" fight. If you want to see what a REAL fight looks like, where people really hate each other, watch "Undisputed," its pretty accurate.

Never mind "strategy" or "science;" when two dudes hate one another its toe to toe.

Given those well known facts, although Hopkins was old when he decided to fight professionally, his skill was well proven. Modern boxing is very safety conscious because of the bad rap the black hand gave boxing in "the old days" when it was extremely corrupt. Oh yeah the black hand is the mafia.

You walk into a place seeking a contract, fresh out of a boxing gym, they'll just tell you "kid, you'll get killed in there." Guy walks in with at least 20 amateur fights under his belt they'll say "alright, you're on, good luck." Its not as simple as walking up to someone, calling him a punk insulting them and then the two of you step into a ring either; there is legal red tape involved.

Again just because Hopkins got away with it don't think YOU can.

(Actually, Hopkins turned pro in 1988 which would have made him 23 years old.)

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Saoul Mamby fought two years ago when he was almost 61 years old.

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george foreman

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George Forman

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