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No he is not married he is divorced

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Q: Who was stone cold wrestling wife?
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What are the character names in stone cold?

the novel not wrestling

What was Stone Cold Steve Austin's first wrestling name in the WWE was?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin (SCSA)

Who was stone cold wrestling when he broke his neck?

Owen Hart

Is Randy Orton going to do the Rko on Stone Cold?

I don't think so stone cold hasn't been in wrestling for a wile!

Where do you find a deluxe classic Stone Cold Wrestling Figure?

Has Stone Cold ever fought with Edge in a Wrestling Match?


Who is the best wrestler in the history of world wrestling entertainment?

stone cold Steve Austin

Who is stone cold wife?

His ex-wife i know.. her name is Debra Marshall..

Why did stone cold go to prison?

Assaulted his wife

How much does stone cold weigh?

Stone Cold Steve Austin's weight during his wrestling career has been variously reported as 252 to 260 pounds.

What was Stone Cold Steve Austin's first wrestling name in the WWE?

Stunning Steve Austin

Will stone cold ever come back to wrestling?

yes but he is having surgury then he'll come back.