Who was Muhammad Ali's last fight?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Trevor Berbick, and the fight took place at Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, Nassau, Bahamas. At 236 1/4 lbs., Ali fought at the heaviest of his professional career. He did well for the first three rounds, and Berbick appeared to be tiring. Ali saved his strength by leaning on the ropes and conserving his energy during the middle rounds, and tried to come on in the last few rounds. Berbick's frequent combinations had Ali on the defensive more often than not, and won Berbick the fight.

Trevor Berbick vs. Muhammad Ali

Referee: Zach Clayton

Judge: Alonzo Butler 97-94

Judge: Jay Edson 99-94

Judge: Clyde Gray 99-94

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Q: Who was Muhammad Ali's last fight?
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