Who sang randy orton theme song?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Jovany Nolan

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Rev Theory

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Vivien Lind

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2y ago
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Q: Who sang randy orton theme song?
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What is the name of randy orton's theme songrandy orton?

Randy Orton's current theme song is "Voices" by Rev Theory.

What is the name of randy orton theme song?

Randy's theme song is called "Voices".

Who sings randy ortan theme song?

Rev Theory sings Randy Orton's theme song.

What is randy ortans old theme song?

Randy Orton's old theme song is burn in my light.

What is Randy Orton's current theme song?


Who sang the song of randy orton's new entrance song?

Rev Theory

Is Randy Orton's theme song available on CD and if so where can you buy it?

You can download Randy Orton's theme song in "" for free

Will smackdown vs raw 2009 Randy Orton theme song theme song?


What is the name of Randy Orton new theme song?


What are Randy Orton's new entrance theme song?

The answer is " Voices".

What was randy orton's first theme song?

burn in my light

How can you listen to Randy Orton song?

You go to Youtube and type in Randy Orton's Theme song 2010. If you want the lyrics, type in lyrics at the end.