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Who ever is the champion now owns it.

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Q: Who owns the original world heavyweight championship?
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Who owns the record for winning the WWE world heavyweight championship more than anyone else?

Triple H (The Game)(HHH)(Hunter Hemsley Hearst)

Who owns ultimate fighting championship?

Dana White

Who owns the divas championship now WWE?

beth pheonix

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Who will win the world heavyweight championship on Monday Night Raw?

as of now CM Punk has the World Heavyweight Title. Edge is the last long stay holder, and by virtue of the WWE Draft, he was drafted from Raw to SmackDown!, brining the title with him. Edge first Feuded with Chris Jericho, who in turn feuded with Rey Mysterio who supported Jeff Hardy. Ted Long, General Manager of SmackDown! matched up the four, Edge vs. Hardy for the World Heavyweight and Mysterio vs. Jericho for the Intercontinental. Jericho won the Intercontinetal Belt from Mysterio after unmasking him (which was cheating of course), and Hardy was successful in taking the World Heavyweight from Edge. But CM Punk, then Mr. Money in the Bank, took opportunity to cash in his contract for a bout with Hardy (immediately after he won the title) and defeated Hardy, who was then exhaused from a back-to-back fight. As of Monday Night Raw, the Legacy and Orton lost to Batista, and now the Animal owns the WWE Champinoship. He has Triple H, Big Show and John Cena to deal with it, through.

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Which french player from France owns both a NBA championship ring andMPV title of the finals?

Rafe LaFrance