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Kane did

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Q: Who kidnapped kelly kelly and mickie James?
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Where can you find clips of Kelly Kelly bound or gagged?

wil i finds a web site with kelly kelly and mickie James tied up he the name if the web site Mickie James & Kelly Kelly, Hustler Video *Poll* - Bodybuilding ... but you have to be on Google and tapp kelly tied up then go th thsi web site and you fidn a pics if her and mickie tied up

Did John Cena ever like Kelly Kelly?

no he didn't ever like her he is with mickie james.

Does mickie James have a brother?

yes Matt and Jeff hardy is here brothers and Kelly Kelly is her sister.

Who do you like in WWE girls?

In my opinion i think Ashley, Melina, Kelly Kelly,and Mickie James are awsome!

Did kelly kelly actually flash the crowd?

Yes. Cuz shes a total Diva! anyways im mickie james

What is mickie James full name?

Mickie James's birth name is Mickie Laree James.

Which WWE divas will be at raw in Detroit on August 31st 2009?

Mickie James Gail Kim Kelly Kelly Beth Phoenix and Alicia Fox

What is the real name of mickie James?

mickie James

Is Mickie James a lesbian?

No, Mickie James is not a lesbian.

Who are Torrie Wilson's Diva friends?

trish stratus,lillian garcia,stacy keibler,victoria,mickie james,kelly kelly,candice michelle,and maria

Who has john cena kissed that is a WWE diva?

Maria Mickie James Kelly Kelly Candice Michelle Trish Status Melina Lita Vicki Gurreo

Does WWE Mickie James has kids?

Mickie James Does Not Have Kids! :-) -MJ