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Who is the "greatest American Taekwondo athlete of all time" is a matter of opinion. There have been many outstanding competitors over the years in different weight classes, different regions of the country, and competing in different circuits or tournaments hosted by varying organizations. There is no way to rightfully quantify who is the "greatest," although many people have their favorites.

The same holds true for expert Masters who teach the art. There have been many, many "great" ones, but there is no way to put one above the other, and a genuine Taekwondo Master would decline such a designation.

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Steven López of the United States is a 2000 and 2004 Olympic gold medalist in taekwondo. López became the first official Olympic gold medalist at the 2000 Olympic Games. In 2003, he earned the rank of world champion in his weight class. In 2008, he won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Only two taekwondo athletes have won medals at three games in a row.

Hadi Saei Bonehkohal is a former Iranian Taekwondo athlete who became the most successful Iranian athlete in Olympic history. He won a bronze medal in 2000, a gold medal in 2004 and a gold medal in 2008.

Ángel Matos of Cuba is arguably the most infamous taekwondo practioner in the world. In the bronze medal match against Arman Chilmanov, Matos broke his toe. When he failed to return to the ring after one minute, the referee disqualified him. When Chilmanov was declared the winner, Matos kicked the referee in the face. for extraordinaryily poor sportsmanship, Matos and his coach have been banned for life from all WTF competions.

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It is virtually impossible to name any individual as being the "best" in any weight class of Taekwondo competition. The reason is because there are too many different organizations that hold their own national, and world championships, as well as the Olympics. Most of the best fighters in one group, never meet or compete against those of another group. Good fighters come and go, and you would have to be more specific to as who was the champion in a particular year, or for the longest duration, and in what venue, competition, or organization's standings.

It should also be noted that some of the "best" fighters in Taekwondo might never enter the ring, or gain fame by competing for titles. Some of the best fighters are Masters and Grandmasters who train young athletes, and coach them during the competition.

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Q: Who is the most famous Tae Kwon Do player in the world?
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