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i think it is stone cold Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels but i think its Steve

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Q: Who is the anouminis genarel manger of wwe raw?
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Who is the new anouminis genarel manger of wwe raw?

The boss of all wwe we all no and love him and big show hit hime in his face

Who is the generel manger of WWE raw?

well the gm sends messages through a computer and Michael cole says "I have recived an email from the anonymous general manger and i quote"

When will we find out who the general manger of raw is?

Not yet revealed: said on 12th August 2010. Nobody kniews expect WWE sozzy

Is WWE superstar edge married?

well he was marred to vickie gurarro. he said it was for the stuff but when vickie quit her job as raw manger he dumbed her on raw

Who is the WWE manger?


When WWE comes to Winnipeg Manitoba 2011 is it WWE raw or smackdown?

WWE raw

How do you get on WWE RAW?

Get signed to wwe.

What day is WWE raw on?

WWE raw is on Monday on USA that's why they call it Monday Night Raw.

What channel is WWE raw on charter tv?

wwe raw is now usa

Which WWE games can be played on a PC?

The WWE games you can play on PC are WWE Raw (2002), WWE Raw Total Edition (2008) and WWE Raw Ultimate Impact (2009). I don't where you can buy them but you can download them off the web.

Is there a WWE store in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 wii?

Yes, there is wwe store in WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2008 Wii.

When is WWE batista returning to WWE raw in 2009?

He will return on the April 6,edition of raw