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Q: Who is compared by Cassius to the wild storm?
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Cassius compared the storm to whom?

Cassius compared the storm to Caesar because they were both powerful. It was the belief of Cassius that, like a storm, Caesar would wreak havoc on the state of Rome.

What meaning does Cassius interpreter from the storm?

That he is mighty and fearful. _____________________________ It is foreshadowing by Cassius. Into the storm or Caesar's death that is to come. We learn he is superstitious.

What meaning does Cassius interpret form the storm?

Cassius interprets that the storm is the gods way of telling the people that Caesar was becoming too powerful, which we all know is bogus and Cassius just didn't like Caesar.

To whom does Cassius compare the storm?

Julius Caesar

What scares Casca before he meets Cassius?

The upcoming storm and thunder.

How does Cassius interpret the storm?

Cassius lied to Brutus saying that the storm was a sign from the gods that they were angry that Caesar would become king but this we now now know is false because one, it was a lie, and two there is only ONE true god.

What reason does Cassius give for the terrible storm?

Casca and Cicero each believe that the storm foreshadows events surrounding Caesar's impending assassination.

In Julius Caesar what meaning does Cassius interput from the storm?

he interpreted that it was the heavens sending the Romans a warning of an evil condition they should correct.

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What does Cassius say about Caesar's strength compared to other mortals?

Cassius believes that Caesar is no better than any other mortal man in Rome. Cassius tells Brutus of two times in which he had to take care of/save Caesar. His stories prove how un-god like Caesar really is~VLB