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Michelle McCool married wrestler Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) on June 26, 2010 in Houston, Texas.

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Q: Who is Michelle mccool married to in real life?
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Does Undertaker Love any Diva?

Well yeah. In real life he is married to Michelle Mccool

What is Michelle mccools real name?

sara Michelle calawayMichelle McCool's real name is Michelle Leigh McCool.

Who is undertaker going out in real life?

Michelle McCool

Undertaker is boyfriend Michelle mcool real life?

Yes, the Undertaker is Michelle McCool's real-life boyfriend.

Michelle mccool any kids real life?

No - I doubt that Michelle McCool has children. Wikipedia has information on her, even on her personal life, and children are not mentioned. [1]

What is Michelle a real name?

Michelle Alexander August 14, 2008 Her name is Michelle Leigh McCool

Is undertake good or bad in real life?

undertaker is a nice man he is married to Michelle MCcool PS if you don't belive me than there marriage was on oct 25 2010

How old is undertaker's wife?

Undertaker is currently married to 30 year old WWE Diva Michelle McCool. The two were married June 26 2010.

Who is undertakers real wife?

Michelle McCool

Is undertake married with Michelle mc cool in the real life or just on play screen?

They are married in real life.

Are Michelle mcool and Melina sisters WWE?

No. Michelle McCool And Melina Perez Are not Sisters On a Storyline Or For Real.

Is undertaker married with children?

He actually was married 3 times. First he was married to Jodi Lynn and they had a son named Gunner, born in 1993, before the marriage ended in 1999. Then he married Sara, and had two kids, Chasey(born in 2002) and Gracie(born in 2005). Then he got divorced in 2007 and then he married Michelle McCool on June 26, 2010. They are still married as of Sept. 2010.