Who invented the Chokeslam?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Abraham Lincoln Believe it or Not!

Abraham Lincoln performed the first known instance of a chokeslam.

Carl Sandburg, noted Lincoln biographer, wrote in his 1940 book "The Prairie Years" that he wrestled, and that one local champion cheated by stomping on his foot. Sandburg writes: "This exasperated Lincoln so that he lost his temper, lifted Armstrong up by the throat and off the ground, shook him like a rag, and then slammed him to a hard fall, flat on his back."

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Q: Who invented the Chokeslam?
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What are some of the common varieties of the chokeslam?

The most common varieties are in order: 1. The back suplex chokeslam 2. The chokeslam backbreaker 3. The inverted powerslam chokeslam 4. The leg trap chokeslam 5. The reverse chokeslam Hope this helped.

Is the khali chokeslam viscera?

Khali Chokeslam is not Viscera; the two are totally different professional wrestling moves.

What is Kanes sigature move?


Does Kane plus the Chokeslam equal pain?


What is Kanes special trick?

Kane's finisher is the Chokeslam.

What is Kane wrestler finisher?

Chokeslam Tombstone Piledriver

When did Kane chokeslam chyna?

i think it's on WWF RAW 1998

What is big shows finsher name WWE?

knockout blow and chokeslam

Svr 09 how to do undertakers chokeslam no signiture?

press triangle when standing up

How do you play battle royal in wcw nitro?

you can't Thanks, but how do you do a chokeslam on the game?

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There is the chokeslam,colossal clutch and the knockout punch.

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It is a the chokeslam 99% of the time but he has been known to use the tombstone piledriver as his finisher, often when teaming with the undertaker